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3-Prong Hawaii's Online Retail Store

Kimi-Werner_capt-Andy-Hillstrand.jpgAloha & Welcome to 3-Prong Hawaii's Online Retail Store.

Our products are custom/hand made in Hawaii and we have most of our popular 3-Prong Hawaii products posted here. We also have some of our patent pending SlipShaft™ products posted as well.


We also want to let shoppers know that we do have brick 'n mortar shops reselling our products as well.

  • Island of Oahu

    • Maui Sporting Goods Spear Fish (Kapahulu 808-735-3897)

    • Hanapaa Fishing Company (Honolulu 808-845-1856)

  • Big Island

    • J. Hara Store (Kurtistown 808-966-5462)

    • Blue Water Hunter (Kailua-Kona 808-331-2237)

  • Island of Maui

    • New Maui Fishing Supply  (Wailuku 808-244-3449)

    • All About Fish (Lahaina 808-669-1710)



SlipShaft™ is a revolutionary spear design technology invented by Sean Lunasco in Hawaii (2010) primarily for the spear gun fishing industry. SlipShaft™ spears are so revolutionary because its body section in cases of a spear gun shaft or Pole Spear has the ability to slide well away from the break-away spear head along the leash (tether)/shooting line so the secured struggling prey has less of a chance to damage the spear shaft or Pole Spear.


We also have other products and services we produce/provide however they are not posted here in our online retail store. Some of you may know that 3-Prong Hawaii was the first to introduce into the market place custom painted light weight Hawaiian style 3-prong pole spears, for those who didn't know well now you know! Since these spears are custom painted for each individual who has purchased one they cannot be mass produced. Hence each spear is a one-of-a-kind and unfortunately we cannot sell these here in our online retail store. If you want a custom painted spear that reflects your personality you have to contact us directly. We don't limit custom painting on just pole spears... we have applied our skills to; spear guns, fin blades, sun glasses, ulua fishing poles, golf club shafts, automobiles and who knows what is next. To see some sample photos of our work visit the following web page click here. If you are interested in other products or services we offer please visit www.3pronghawaii.com or www.slipshaft.com.


Pictured above right; 2008 National Spearfishing Champion Kimi WERNER who went 3-pronging with Time Bandit Captain Andy Hillstrand one of the stars on Discovery channel's hit TV series Deadliest Catch. Kimi used her custom painted 3-Prong Hawaii Pole Spear and Captain Andy tried it out as well. Their fun dive was featured on a show called "After the Catch" which aired on Discovery channel in July 2011.


Pictured below right; Free diver Spencer HASKINS landed a Mahi Mahi in April 2011 using the KT-312 Break-away Head rigged with Hivis 600# Spectra 2000 leash line. Spear gun used was a Riffe E120, shaft was a 9/32" threaded (6.0mm X 1) and rigged with a SlipShaft™ 375T Front-end Adapter.



Currently we are setup to accept payment via PayPal (You don’t need a PayPal account to pay because PayPal is able to process most major debit and credit cards as well) and ship only to shoppers living in the UNITED STATES and selected cities in CANADA via United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. If you are outside the area that we service or want your order shipped in a different way send us an email with details to sean@3pronghawaii.com (this also applies to shoppers not living in the United States and for those want to order an 8' Pole Spear (R1) w/Standard 3-Prong Head).

If you are planning to order a quantity of 12 or more for any one item please send us an email with details to sean@3pronghawaii.com before going through with your order so we can be sure accurate shipping & handling fees apply.

We will try to respond back to you within 36 hours of receiving your email with information on how we are going to proceed with your order request.


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